…a Place of Salvation

Dr. Magee’s passion is to see genuine “Conversion” growth in the church and not merely “Transferred” growth that comes from believers migrating from one to church to the next. The fields of the souls of lost men and women are ripe for harvesting and “THE HOUSE” Church’s mission is to be about the Father’s business!

Dr. Magee’s passion is being opened to and celebrating the use of various “METHODS” to getting the gospel of Jesus Christ out to the masses within our local cities, communities and region while maintaining a high standard of the gospel “MESSAGE”.

“THE HOUSE” is not married or chained down to archaic and antiquated forms of church ministry from the past but recognizes that just as our society is ever-changing; so must our “METHODS” as a church in order for us to effectively reach our present-day culture for Jesus Christ!

We receive the Word of God in a casual and relaxed atmosphere so there is no need to wear fancy suits, ties or high-end dresses unless that is what you prefer or desire. Therefore, your jeans, T-shirts, jackets, jerseys, ball caps, blouses and sneakers are just fine with us! God is more concerned about the condition of your heart towards Him than your outward appearance and so are we!

…a Place of Sonship

The term sonship speaks of one’s personal spiritual growth, development and maturity in the things of God. Our major goal here at “THE HOUSE” Church is to see the entire family grow and develop spiritually into mighty men and women of God. Therefore, enabling them to serve Him (God) with their gifts, talents and abilities and to become workers together with Him (God) in order to expand His kingdom in our region and beyond.

…a Place of Stewardship

God has given us all many wonderful gifts, talents, skills and abilities to be used for His glory. “THE HOUSE” Church emphasizes being good stewards over that which the Lord has entrusted to us be it; our spouses, families, children, finances, employment and even our church. Our heart’s desire is to show the Lord that we faithful over a few things which in turn will cause Him (God) to make us rulers over much in order to expand His kingdom here on earth.

… Place of Service

Jesus Christ is our example! He did not come to be ministered unto (to be served), but to minister (serve) to men and women of various backgrounds. Therefore we joyfully follow His lead. This applies both within our church family and outside the walls of “THE HOUSE” Church. We also take great joy in serving Him in the various auxiliaries and/or departments in the church. We believe in putting our hands to the plow (kingdom business) and not looking back because He is faithtful to reward us.