Let’s Get Busy

Here at “THE HOUSE” Church, members of the congregation are encouraged and given the opportunity to discover their passions. They are also encouraged to share their personal gifts, skills, abilities and talents by serving in various areas of the ministry in order to impact our church and community.

Regardless of a person’s age, gender, nationality, or stage in life, there is a ministry opportunity here at “THE HOUSE” Church that is geared towards their life or what they wish to give back to the church and community. It doesn’t matter who you are or how long you’ve attended our church services.

Your skills, talents, abilities and gifts to advance the Kingdom of God are welcomed at “THE HOUSE” Church. We have a diverse range of ministries (with more to come) through which everyone in the family can get involved. So take a look through and whatever area peeks your interest, make the connection and join our winning teams and let’s get busy expanding the Kingdom of God together! Our present areas of service are:

  • King’s Men Brotherhood (KMB): Men’s Mentoring
  • God’s Gracious Girls (GGG): Women’s Fellowship
  • S.O.S. (Saved Overcoming Singles)
  • Strangers & Exiles: Teen’s Ministry
  • Kids R.O.C.K. (Kids Reaching Out for Christ Kingdom): Children’s Church
  • Porter’s Ministry: Ushers & Greeters
  • Unseen Hands: Church Clean-Up/Beautification Ministry
  • Multitude of Counselors: Altar Appeal Ministry
  • Divine Purpose (Praise and Worship Ministry)
  • Clothe In Righteousness: Dance/Banner Ministry
  • Kingdom Business: Radio Broadcast Ministry
  • “The HOUSE” Orchestra: Music Ministry
  • “The HOUSE” Grounds: Landscaping Ministry (i.e. cutting grass, removing shrubs, trimming trees, edging etc.)
  • “The HOUSE” Sound Team: Audio/Video Ministry
  • “The HOUSE” Global Tech: Technological Advancement Ministry (i.e. iPad, iPod, PodCast, Twitter, Facebook etc,)
  • Glory Dancers (Children Dance Ministry)
  • “HOUSE”pitality Ministry (Set up facility for events, Prepare Meals)
  • Golden Pillars Ministry (55 years and better)

We’re believing in God to provide more ministry opportunities for service in His house as “THE HOUSE” Church conitnues to grow!