Birthed in the heart of its’ visionary; Dr. Johnny L. Magee, Jr., the King’s Men Brotherhood focuses on building the total man; spirit, soul and body!

Our vision is that “Every Man would be the Man” in every area of his life involving his home, community and the church. This is done through our regular weekly services, our Bi-monthly KMB fellowships and through our “B2B” (Brother 2 Brother) mentoring and accountability program.

The KMB is founded upon four major (4) core values that stem from I Peter 2:17 which are as follows:

  • Honour all men
  • Love the brotherhood
  • Fear God
  • Honour the King

Our goal is to not only draw men into the Kingdom of God but to also see them actively taking the lead and setting godly examples for the youth and young men of “THE HOUSE” Church to follow.

Unlike Cain that killed his brother Abel with no remorse or concern for his life (Genesis 4:8-9) , the KMB practices and believes in the statement; “I Am My Brother’s Keeper.”